About HerStry: 

HerStry’s mission is to tell the stories that don’t make it into the history books. The stories of women living ordinary, everyday lives that are, in themselves, beautiful and revolutionary.  Since 2015 HerStry has been lifting up and celebrating the voices of women from all over the world. Our writers have come from the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Greece, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Guatemala, and elsewhere. Our reach is truly worldwide. 

We’ve shared countless stories by women from all walks of life. Some of our most popular stories have dealt with topics such as purity culture, marriage, pregnancy loss, grief, mental health, abortion and body image. We don’t shy away from controversial themes. We are a place for women to tell the stories they can’t tell anywhere else. 

HerStry welcomes new and established authors. We believe every woman has a story worth telling. Women of color and LGBTQIA+ writers espcially encouraged to submit. 

Questions? Email julia@herstryblg.com 

HerStry is an online literary magazine dedicated to empowering women through storytelling. HerStry publishes personal essays on our website every Wednesday. Personal essays are a way for our writers to tell the stories they want to tell. There are no rules. No themes. As long as the story is true and about you we want to share it. Nothing is off limits. 

Before submitting please check out herstryblg.com to see if you are a good fit for us. 

The Rules: 

  • All stories must be true and about you
  • All stories must be between 500 - 3,000 words
  • Stories must be submitted as word documents  of some sort. PDFs will not be considered. 
  • Stories must be submitted with a short third person bio and photo of the author
  • HerStry only accepts works from individuals who identify as women